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DPC Interview Series

"People can expect the same experience they get with a live show.
Our music is raw and real..."

The Ballistics is a young and energetic four-piece blues-rock band that started out late 2009 as an old-school rock band, but soon underwent a natural progression into the blues. The band has been on the local music scene for a couple of years now, but prominently made their mark in 2013 with a Gauteng Tour and the release of their first EP. Band highlights include playing at renowned festivals such as Up The Creek, Oppikoppi, RAMfest and Synergy, as well as co-winning Rolling Stone SA’s Rockstarter band competition. The Ballistics has also performed at most major venues in the Western Cape.

The year 2014 sees the band's name change from Ballistic Blues to The Ballistics, the music video of ‘No Harm’ and the recording of their debut full-length album “Calling for the Crazy”. There are also plans in the pipeline to tour nationwide in order to expose more music lovers to ‘Calling For The Crazy’. We did a interview with the guys to hear about their recent tour to the Eastern Cape, their debut album and future plans.

Hi, guys! Thank you for doing this interview with us!

Hi all from Dirty Pink City.
So, for those that don't know the band, give us a little background around the Ballistics?

We started out in High school as a straight up blues band, and then in our Matric year, Nick joined the band and we went from a 3 piece to a 4 piece and the sound of the band also developed massively. We are all the way from Bellville in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. We are a 4 piece blues/rock outfit consisting of Tyan Odendal (Lead Guitar and backing vocals), JP Le Roux (Bass), Nick Forbes (Lead Vocals and Guitar) and Francois Keyser (Drums). 

The Ballistics are known for their blues and rock sound, but what other styles can be heard in your music?

Yes, our main genre is blues/rock, but we actually have a lot of other sounds and elements melted together. You can expect some catchy/jazzy grooves to old school grungy riffs to even a bit of pop/rock.

We’ve got the blues/old school rock backbone and because we like to explore a lot of other styles as well, we usually just narrow the genre down to blues/rock. We always say you need to come to a live show and decide for yourself. People have compared us to bands like The Doors, The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys.

Our shows are very energetic and loud. We love performing and put a lot of effort into our live shows. 

 "We’ve got the blues/old school rock backbone and because we like to explore a lot of other styles as well, we usually just narrow the genre down to blues/rock."

You guys just came back from an Eastern Cape Tour as supporting act for SAMA winners Shadow Club – tell us about that?

Being able to tour with a band like Shadowclub was absolutely incredible. We are such big fans of their bluesy, grungy rock n roll music. They are three of the funniest guys we have ever met and we had an absolute blast with them on tour.

We haven’t played any shows in the Eastern Cape before so that part of the country was very unfamiliar to us; people hardly new us up there. That is why it was also so awesome to have toured with Shadowclub because we automatically had an audience to play to. Shadowclub took us under their wing on this tour and we appreciate that so much. They are masters of touring by now and this was only our 2nd time on the road, they taught us so much about the music industry. 

  "Being able to tour with a band like Shadowclub was absolutely incredible."

You also did a tour to Gauteng in 2013, how was that different from your recent tour?

Yes, we came up to Gauteng last year November with our first time on the road. The tour to Gauteng was very different than the tour we did in the Eastern Cape with Shadowclub. We played Park Acoustics in PTA on the tour up North which was insane, the rest of the tour’s shows was very average because of the fact that we played the venues all on our own with no support of bigger bands etc. So the crowd turnout wasn’t always great. We had an awesome show with our good friends The December streets in Tanz Live though.

But the Eastern Cape tour was hands down a lot more successful and we think a bit more fun than the first one. Reason is mainly because of touring with a bigger band, and the places we played in the Eastern Cape tour was so awesome, our favorites of the tour was Grahamstown with the arts festival, and then definitely Jeffreys Bay playing The Mexican. We also enjoyed the scenery of the east coast, a very beautiful part of South-Africa.

Do you think it's easier to book gigs and winning fans in Gauteng compared to Cape Town?

In our case it is still a lot easier booking shows in Cape Town and gaining fans down here than up North. We only played Gauteng once; we’ll hopefully be coming up North in September again to play for the awesome and energetic crowd of PTA

To date, how was your debut EP received amongst the local music fans around South Africa?

We had a very good response to the debut EP. We played as much shows as we could to spread the EP as far as we could. We are satisfied with the EP but we are much more excited about our Debut full length album.

"We are satisfied with the EP but we are much more excited about our debut full length album."

Tell us about the band's song writing process? Who does what and how does it all come together?

It depend really, most of the times it would be Nick writing a new song or sometimes Nick and JP will sit together and work on lyrics. Tyan will now and then write a song. Usually Nick will come to band practise with the song done and dusted on guitar and then Keyser works out the drum parts and then we run the song until it is waxed and ready to be heart.

What inspires and influences The Ballistics – other bands, the fans or something totally different?

In terms of the music and instruments we would say bands like Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Doors, The Beatles, Artic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Deep Purple etc. Nick also likes to listen to Joni Mitchell and sometimes some weird Jazz fusion.

When it comes to the lyrics, most of our songs are about women…yes…we are 4 guys that like to express ourselves with the music and 90% of the time it is about women, Surprised? Hehehe

 "most of our songs are about women…yes…we are 4 guys that like to express ourselves with the music and 90% of the time it is about women..."

Where do you guys think the South African music scene is headed?

We’ve got a good feeling about the South-African music scene. It obviously has its ups and downs and being a musician and in a band is very hard in our country, but we love what we do and we want to push it as far and hard as we can to get to the top and then keep going.

The bands that are creating waves in South-Africa are just getting better and better, the live band scene will never die, long live rock n roll!

You are in the process of releasing your full-length debut album, “Calling for the Crazy”? What can we expect from it?

We released our debut #callingforthecrazy album in May. We did three launches. We played Bohemia in Stellies, Mercury live in Cape Town and Die Boer Theatre in Durbanville.

We are so stoked with the album. We recorded the album at VH Music and Publishing studios and had it mastered at Kelsey Mastering in JHB.

We recorded 10 tracks and added 2 of the tracks that are on the EP. This 12 track album is our first one and we are very proud of it. We hope that people will like it and enjoy it as much as we do.

"People can expect the same experience they get with a live show. Our music is raw and real."

What challenges do you guys face in the local music industry? Is it difficult to make a name?

I think the same challenges occur to all musicians and bands. The music scene is small and there are a lot of bands. So competition is also tough so only the best and popular gets to the top. We know because of our style and genre, we’ll probably take a bit longer to get to the top than commercial bands, but we don’t mind cause we love the music we play and you’ll see it on our faces on stage
Besides playing in The Ballistics, do any of you have any 'day jobs'?

All 4 of us are students. Tyan and Francois is studying teaching, JP is studying Marketing and Nick is studying Phycology.

We are students so we do have to divide our time to focus on studies as well but music is our main focus and that is what we’ll be doing full time after we’ve established ourselves in the music industry.

Now for a few quick ones...

Favourite festival you guys have played?

Definitely Oppikoppi Festival!!!!!

Favourite live music venue in South Africa?

The Assembly in Cape Town

Rock or Blues?

Blues with a touch of old-school rock

What can a fan buy you at the bar after a gig?

A Single whisky with ice and water in a tumbler

If you guys could play any international festival which one would it be?

Glastonbury festival

Most embarrassing tour moment?

JP's zip(fly) that didnt want to stay up and fell down the whole time. He then used a key ring to hold the zipper up(closed)

So, where can we find your music?

You can find our music on Soundcloud, reverbnation or watch our music video of ‘No Harm’ on youtube and the songs we performed on Expresso on SABC 3. You can buy yourself a copy of our album at all our shows or order it through VH music by mailing them:

Famous last words:

Have fun and don’t let anyone piss you off!

Lastly, what lies ahead for The Ballistics?

Lots more shows, Lots more touring, playing as much festivals as we can, new music video on the way, getting our music on the radio hahaha and hopefully in 5 years heading abroad.
Thanks boys and may you have all the support from South Africa behind you! 
Hard copy orders for ‘Calling For The Crazy’ can be made via at R120.00 postage included.
Form more information, please follow The Ballistics on their social media platforms:


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US folk-rock stars The Lumineers will make their South African debut this December when award-winning agency Seed Experiences, Virgin Mobile South Africa and 5FM bring the band to local stages. They’ll perform at Cape Town’s iconic Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on 4 December and at Johannesburg’s Emmarentia Dam for a daytime concert on 6 December.

The Lumineers became a success story in their native US with their 2011 self-titled debut album. The album gave the band international recognition, selling over 3-million copies, and over 5,5-million single downloads of their debut single – and arguably the band’s most famous song to date – ‘Ho Hey’. The music video for ‘Ho Hey’ has already gained over 109-million YouTube views alone (HERE).

Their music has been described as classic and genuine, raw and unique. They mix flavours of folk, alternative rock, Americana and indie, cutting them with a rustic charm. Their second single ‘Stubborn Love’ (HERE) is a live favourite of the band’s and will be sure to get their South African fans singing along to the powerful chorus.

Virgin Mobile has again partnered with Seed Experiences to bring iconic music to South Africans. “Virgin Mobile believes strongly around creative expression through music, this is in our brand DNA.  This is why we are thrilled to partner with Seed Experiences in bringing Indie and alternative music sensation The Lumineers to our shores this December.  At Virgin Mobile we strive to create unique and memorable experiences for our fans and we aim to do just that at The Lumineers open air concerts in Cape Town and Johannesburg” says Jason Hair, Virgin Mobile Chief Operating Officer. 

‘Ho Hey’, the chart-topping single that reached number one on the highly acclaimed 5FM Top 40, is just one of the songs by the Lumineers that 5FM loves. 5FM sees a natural fit with the Lumineers as their listeners are passionate not only about live music but also passionate about the Lumineers. 

An incredible supporting lineup will be announced soon, so stay close to Seed Experiences, Virgin Mobile SA and 5FM on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Lumineers tour details and tickets
Cape Town
4 December 2014
Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Tickets: R465
Buy tickets here:

6 December 2014
Emmarentia Dam
Tickets: R465
Buy tickets here:
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 Joburg Prepares for Holi Festival of Colours 
World Tour 2014

Since it first launched in Germany in 2012, the acclaimed Holi Festival of Colours has become synonymous with unity, celebration, and, of course, colour. This year, the festival comes to South Africa, with a much-anticipated event taking stage in the heart of Johannesburg. 

South African festival-goers will have the chance to participate in one of the world’s largest, most colourful events. Taking place at Bidvest Wanderers Cricket Stadium, the Holi Festival of Colours fuses some of the top electronic dance music with a positive message of hope and inspiration.

Taking place on the day of the full moon of the Phaluga month, Holi is one of India’s most famous festivals. This Hindu event celebrates the start of spring; the triumph of good over bad and the unifying of people across all races, genders and ages. The western Holi Festival of Colours aims to bring the same message of hope, positivity and equality to millions of partygoers, with global events taking place across the world.

The South African event is expected to draw a huge following, as revelers prepare to unite under a cloud of multi-coloured paint powder from noon until late. Local and international music acts, a host of special features, top-of-the-line event planning, security, food and drink stalls and many other event highlights will also be par for the course over the duration of this full-day event.

Tickets start at R255, with early bird tickets available at R205 for the first 1500 tickets sold. Packages and VIP tickets are also available, which include powder bags and other inclusive highlights.

For more information on the Holi Festival of Colour in Johannesburg, visit
Event Information:
·         Date: 23 August 2014
·         Times: 12h00 - late
·         Venue: Bidvest Wanderers Cricket Stadium, Johannesburg
·         Ticket prices:

o   R205 - early bird ticket (limited to first 1500 tickets)
o   R255 - Holi Festival ticket

o   R305 - HoliColour Package: includes 5 bags of powder

o   R445 - VIP: includes 5 bags of powder, access to VIP chill lounge, on-site private parking and snack platters
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   FEMBOTS Are Taking Over Fiction This Women’s Day

On the 8th of August 2014, FEMBOTS are bringing Woman’s Day celebrations to Fiction. Hauswork and SHE will be hosting an all-female line-up of artists that reflect the diversity and finesse of women across South Africa and beyond. Taking place at Fiction in Cape Town, both guys and girls are invited to join the celebrations from 22h00until 04h00

Headlining the FEMBOTS event is the much-acclaimed Marcela Ospina. Colombian born, Jo’burg DJ that has been impressing with her intense dancefloor-connected style of techno. This, born through her anthropological studies and keen observation into the curiosity that is the human condition.

Marcela is supported in her headliner role and first appearance in Cape Town by veteran Shylo Slabber, host Nicole Weitsz, and co-host Vanessa Holliday, who will be debuting her exciting new live acoustic collaboration project Holliday + Flinch.


10h00 to 11h30: Shylo 

11h30 to 12h00: Holliday + Flinch 

12h00 to 01h00: Vanessa Holliday 

1h00 to 3h00: Marcela 

3h00 to 4h00: Nicole Weitsz

Pre-sale tickets are available for R40 on Pulse Radio and for R60 at the door. Since it is women’s month, we cannot go without some added benefit for the ladies… For each guy who buys a pre-sale ticket; one female will be able to enter for free before midnight

Join the FEMBOTS for a journey into the diverse straight-beat experience, with a distinctly feminine touch.
For more information on FEMBOTS:

Ticket sales on Pulse Radio:
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CPT Folk 'n Acoustic Music Festival 2014

 Presented by Sedgwick`s, the original Old Brown:

The Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival
30 August – 20h00 at Baxter Theatre, Concert Hall.

What happens when you mix Folk, Country,  African Folk, Flamenco, World Music, Acoustic Rock, Singer-songwriters, Classical Music, Ragas, Cape Jazz, Bluegrass, Celtic Music – a little Neo-Soul and a Swamp of Blues, then throw in a few guitars, a piano, violins, ukuleles, cellos, tablas, piano accordions, washboards, blues harps and voices from the heavens (all played by some of South Africa’s finest in these genres)? 

You get the Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival!  Real Wired Music and Sedgwick's Old Brown in association with Music Experience are proud to announce the 6th instalment of the Cape Town Folk 'n Acoustic Music Festival. 

24 South African artists will perform completely acoustically in an intimate, concert-style setting. These performances will be delivered in the form of 12 collaborations and stripped down to the essence of the songs. The evening is set to be an experience of the finest musical storytelling from the personal journeys of some of South Africa's best songwriters and musicians.
The line up includes some of SA`s finest musicians and the following collaborations have been confirmed:

Vusi Mahlasela / Ard Matthews
Deep South / Errol Dyers  
Reza Khota / Derek Gripper  
Jesse Jordan / Mark Haze  
Louise Day / Tatum
Farryl Purkiss / Digby and the Lullaby  
Wayne Pauli / Nuka  
Blacksmith / Dave Ferguson  
James Grace / Saudiq Khan  
Evelyn Hart / Carla Conradie

More to be announced soon!

Tickets  R165 – R185 at Computicket: COMPUTICKET

Music Experience will be running a competition at their great live interactive store. The winner of the competition will receive an Alvarez guitar from Music Experience and will get to open the Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival at the Baxter. For more information go: HERE

Website: realwiredmusic

As with last Winter’s concert, we will be doing a blanket drop for the homeless - if you have spare blankets bring them along and we will have a designated collection spot at the venue. All blankets will be donated to Bread for Life and distributed to the homeless - HERE

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Comic Choice Brings Top Entertainment

In partnership with The Times, Mzansi Magic and Kaya FM 95.9

Jack Parow, Riaad Moosa and Khanyi Mbau join the all-star cast for
The 4th Annual South African Savanna Comic’s Choice Awards

For the first time in Savanna Comic’s Choice Awards® (CCA) history, South Africa’s comedy-loving community will know ahead of the show who’ll be performing on the night.
Never before have the very protective and secretive creators of the awards given us a glimpse of what to expect – and we’re in for this year’s most incredible and hilarious night of comedy! 
Not only will six awards be handed out to SA’s top comedians, but prepare to be hit by a whirlwind of delight, surprise, hysterics and that kind of squirm-in-your-seat discomfort that only perfectly timed sharp comebacks can deliver.
Now in its fourth year, this year’s variety show is themed ‘The Point of Funny’ and promises to deliver the most laughs yet. Each skit will be delivered by the talented, and somewhat eclectic cast that includes well-known names like: Jack Parow, Rhys Woods, Nik Rabinowitz, Robby Collins, Chris Steenkamp, Pule, Debora Patta, GilĂ© Motshwane, Loyiso Gola, KG, Deep Fried Man, Tats Nkonzo, Bevan Cullinan and Riaad Moosa.
Barry Hilton, Khanyi Mbau and Darrel Bristow-Bovey (a man of many a funny word) are some of the presenters, with three more high profile names to be announced soon.
The event format is simple – none of this boring speech-giving nonsense you find at so many dull industry do’s.  There are only six recipients, so between the sidesplitting sketches performed by the cast members above, the coveted Waldo statuettes will be presented to the lucky nominee who got the most votes.  Each recipient does seven minutes of stand-up as their thank-you speech, which makes for an entertaining evening of off-the-cuff comedy and perfectly rehearsed theatre.
The Savanna CCA ceremony takes place at The Teatro at Montecasino on 2 August 2014.
Limited tickets are available to public, so book now through Computicket
The nominees, in case you missed them, are:
The Savanna Newcomer Award:  Alfred Adriaan, Loyiso Madinga, Yaaseen Barnes, Glen Biderman-Pam, Bradford Keen
The Breakthrough Act Award: Donovan Goliath, Jason Goliath, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Deep Fried Man, Kagiso KG Mokgadi
The Comic’s Choice Comic Of The Year Award: Tumi Morake, Chester Missing, Loyiso Lungile Gola, Trevor Noah, Riaad Moosa
The Times Comic's Pen Award: David Kibuuka, Chester Missing, Loyiso Lungile Gola, Kagiso Lediga, Christopher Steenkamp

Lifetime Achiever: Mark Banks (there are no nominees in this category, just the recipient).
The Savanna Audience Choice Award: This is the only category that’s open to public vote, so voting stays open until 28 July.  If you want to win a VIP experience to the awards bash, vote now by SMSing your favourite comedian’s unique code to 38374.
Mashabela Galane - Unique code - 1197
Sifiso Nene - Unique code - 1187
Elton Mduduzi Ntuli - Unique code - 1283
Thapelo TIPS Seemise - Unique code – 1150
Thabang E.R - Unique code - 1284

You can vote 20 times (if you can’t choose just one favourite!)
Go get them tickets NOW! 
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Rockabilly Festival 2014

Dusty Rebels and the bombshells presents the 2014 Rockabilly Festival:

Save the date: 8 November 2014

And get your tickets NOW:

Early Bird Ticket Special (limited tickets available), tickets will be at last year’s prices:
R150 Entrance
R250 p.p. sleep over includes entrance to the festival.

The normal ticket price will be R200 or R250 at the gate
Children 3-12yrs R50
Sleep over R300pp____________________________________________________________________________________
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