Monday, 2 March 2015

CTEMF 2015

On the 6th to the 8th of February, Cape Town’s City Hall played host to the The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2015. 41 acts brought their sounds and skills to two CTEMF stages - attracting an interesting and diverse crowd who rocked up in the latest kicks to fill the hallways, staircases, Terrace and Auditorium. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The After Party

Inside the after birthday party...

Are there people out there that also celebrate their birthdays for an entire week, or even for a month? I am one of those people - I try to stretch it out for as long as possible. But now that it's March, I doubt I can still use the excuse "but it's my birthday" anymore. Sadly. 

But hey, luckily you can always have an after birthday party!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Year 2015

I normally don’t reflect back on a year until my birthday. I believe setting goals (or trying to kick it off) on the 31st of December or the 1st of January is just stupid. I mean are you really going to stop smoking during the first week of January? Yeah right. After that wild new year’s eve party, ALL you really need is your comfort ciggies and oily food. So, come February the 24th, which is my birthday, I take some time to reflect on the past year and also what l want to accomplish in the “new year”. It makes it a bit more personal.

Monday, 16 February 2015


Mountain Dew Presents The Dew Bootcamp

The biggest names in action sports in SA’s ultimate roadshow, Mountain Dew will once again take South Africa’s top action sports pros on the ultimate roadshow, when they host the award-winning Dew Tour Bootcamp for the third consecutive year. The adrenaline-charged showcase, which kicks off on 17 February 2015, will visit various tertiary campuses around the country, offering students the best in freestyle BMX and skateboarding talent.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Parklife Festival Announces Lineup

 Parklife Festival announces

American Authors, Klingande, Prime Circle and more for Johannesburg festival

947 presents the next Parklife Gourmet Food and Music Festival in Johannesburg on Sunday the 3rd of May. This year’s festival introduces a stellar music line-up with international alt-rock outfit American Authors, French producer and DJ, Klingande, Prime Circle, KAHN (from The Parlotones) and Jeremy Loops, as the first acts to be announced.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Up The Creek [A Review]

It’s Thursday after work.  
Arriving at Up The Creek’s dusty gravel road, three hours later, and a place with the strange name Felix Unite. Beer in the boot, bags in the front, two tents, a lilo, a boat and a Joburger on the back seat. Thursday evenings are a very rare occasion for me and my companions when it comes to festivals. We are normally part of the so-dedicated-to-our-work squad. But this is the first time we all decided it’s time for a full-on, three-day, I-lost-my-wallet-on-the-first-night festival. 

The tents went up in minutes with Stoker’s solid chords in the background. Beers cracked, cigarettes lit and mixes mixed. Our little kingdom of drunken searches for “things” in the dark and 3 nights of sleeping on rocks were complete. Sans mattresses and decent bedding.  

“I don’t mind Afrikaans people, but my word are they a loud bunch” - Heard from the campervan next to us.

Full of eager we went down to the main stage (otherwise known as the Jagermeister Stage) where our evening kicked off like a young colt with Red Huxley. Raw rockers. Upcoming kings of the local rock scene. They impress me every time. A rowdy intro into our journey of good, local rock music. #redhuxleyformainact  

Shortly after AKING. And like I’ve said so many times before: What is a festival without them? They comfortably rocked us with both new work and the nostalgia that is tracks like “Safe As Houses” and “Against All Odds”.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Penny Lonesome

The Curious Incident is an alternative pop band from the UK -- a proper British indie rock-pop band. They recently toured South Africa in 2014 to promote their new EP, Penny Lonesome, where they won over some of the local music fans’ hearts, and in turn South African born lead vocalist Cavey Roberts, has fallen in love with SA.